This high-looking Japanese girl IMMA is not a real person!

Do you believe it? This cute girl is not a real person!

She is a ‘virtual character’ created using computer graphics (CG) AI. IMMA was created by CG company ModelingCafe . The entire head of IMMA is virtual, and the body in the photo is taken by a real person and then composited, which is really difficult to distinguish the real from the fake.

Japanese virtual model IMMA is active in the fashion industry and social media

She often shares photos of her fashion outfit and life on Instagram and other social media platforms, attracting a large following. Her personal style is unique and stylish, and her appearance and movements are carefully designed to make her look almost indistinguishable from a real human being.

What makes AI virtual models unique

IMMA is unique in her ability to cross the line between the real and the virtual. She is not only active in the fashion industry, but also participates in advertising campaigns and fashion shows for several brands. Her virtual identity allows brands to showcase their products without the need for real models.

In addition, there are now more and more virtual celebrities and models, in addition to quickly catering to market demand, there is no need to worry about scandals. This makes more manufacturers prefer to cooperate with well-known AI KOLs and models. And these virtual model KOLs also use Instagram and other social platforms to share their daily lives and interact with fans, which is a real-time and vivid way that attracts a lot of attention.

AI Virtual Model’s Concerns and Responses

With the rise of AI virtual models, traditional physical models and the fashion industry may face competitive pressure. This can lead to some models losing their jobs. In addition, virtual models tend to have perfect looks and figures, in addition to conveying an unrealistic standard of beauty. It can also put pressure on real-life personal image and physical self-esteem and exacerbate the quest for perfect looks. Virtual idols may also have copyright and social influences. But instead of worrying about the onslaught of AI technology, perhaps it would be better to open our minds to the application of human-machine cooperation and save time and effort for our work through AI technology.