QR Code Scam! Singapore woman loses S$20,000!

Recently, there was a QR code fraud case in Singapore, and a woman was cheated out of 20,000 Singapore dollars. The occurrence of this case once again reminds everyone to pay attention to the safety of mobile phones and avoid being deceived.

According to reports, a Singaporean woman became a victim of a scam because she was scammed out of 20,000 Singapore dollars. When the woman bought second-hand items, she contacted her through chat software, and then the other party sent her a QR code, asked her to scan it and make payment. But when the woman completed the payment, the other party did not provide the goods, but deleted all contact information.

Although QR CODE is convenient to use, there are also certain risks. Scammers can commit fraud by faking QR codes in various ways. These fake QR codes will look like normal QR codes, but the links to them are forged by scammers in order to obtain personal information or property. THEREFORE, USERS NEED TO BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT SCANNING QR CODE AND NOT OPEN LINKS ARBITRARILY.

In this incident, the Singapore police have reminded the public to raise their safety awareness and not to scan QR codes casually. If the user receives suspicious information, he should immediately report to the police and listen to the police’s advice to avoid further losses.

To avoid QR CODE scams, users are advised to pay attention to the following:
1. Keep your mobile phone and computer safe, and don’t download suspicious software at will
2. Don’t scan QR codes casually, especially from strangers, to avoid being deceived
3. If you receive a suspicious message or QR code, be sure to report to the police in time.

Scams are constantly emerging, and we need to be more aware of security at all times to avoid being scammed.
I hope everyone can strengthen their awareness of QR CODE scams and avoid becoming the next victim.