OpenAI’s ChatGPT app is available on the App Store

Recently, artificial intelligence research institute OpenAI officially launched its artificial intelligence conversational robot ChatGPT application on Apple’s App Store. The app will make it easier for users to talk to ChatGPT, whether it’s for information, entertainment, creative inspiration, or assistance with everyday tasks. What’s more notably, the app also syncs the usage history of the web version of ChatGPT.

The app is expected to be released in six months, is currently free of payment and contains no ads. In addition, OpenAI’s open-source speech-to-text technology Whisper will also be incorporated into the application, allowing users to talk to ChatGPT through voice input. For ChatGPT Plus subscribers, they can enjoy services comparable to the web-based version of Plus, such as early access to GPT-4 and new features, and faster response. The subscription service launched in February for a monthly fee of $20.

OpenAI’s CEO also made a statement in Congress to provide assurances about AI’s possible impact on society. He likened current technological developments to the impact of the printing press on the Renaissance and social change, and emphasized the need for appropriate protective measures at this stage.