NVIDIA Jensen Huang to NTU graduates: AI reshaping the computer industry is a golden opportunity for Taiwanese manufacturers

Huida CEO Jensen Huang was invited to attend the graduation ceremony of NTU, and in addition to sharing NVIDIA’s story to encourage graduates, he pointed out that artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the computer industry and bringing a golden opportunity for Taiwanese manufacturers. Mr. Wong said he graduated 40 years before his graduates, and looking back, although he seemed successful when he graduated, he also experienced a series of failures and humiliations after founding Huida. Therefore, he wanted to share three stories of NVIDIA’s experience with NTU graduates to encourage them to persevere on their future life path.

Nvidia’s Three Stories: Growing from Failure

First, he described how NVIDIA partnered with Japanese game maker SEGA to develop 3D graphics chips for personal computer game applications. However, after a year of development, they realized that there was a mistake in the design architecture. As a result, Huang personally communicated with SEGA’s CEO, frankly admitted his mistake and advised SEGA to find other partners. At the time, he had to embarrassingly demand payment of all expenses to the SEGA CEO or Nvidia would face bankruptcy. Fortunately, the SEGA CEO understood the situation and generously agreed to pay the fees that allowed Nvidia to survive for six months. Huang admits that he had to admit his mistakes and seek help from others, which saved NVIDIA’s life.

Secondly, Jensen Huang talked about the difficult process of NVIDIA developing the ‘CUDA graphics chip’ architecture. NVIDIA launched CUDA in 2007 with the hope that the architecture would support computing, scientific and physical simulation, and imaging applications. However, making CUDA a complete platform requires the participation of many developers and requires a lot of time and cost investment. At this time, NVIDIA’s profit performance was not ideal, and shareholders demanded that the company improve its earnings. However, NVIDIA persevered and continued to promote the CUDA architecture through the GPU Technology Conference. Eventually, they wait for the explosion of business opportunities. In 2012, some developers found that the CUDA architecture significantly accelerated the computing performance of deep learning. Since then, the global AI revolution has begun, and Huida has become the core engine for global AI developers. This process made Huang realize that achieving his vision would take a long time of failure and pain, but that success would be possible if he persevered.

Finally, Jensen Huang mentioned NVIDIA’s challenges in the mobile phone market. In 2010, Google launched Android, a smartphone operating platform, and NVIDIA also intends to enter the mobile phone market from the PC field. However, the mobile phone market was highly competitive, and NVIDIA finally made the difficult decision to abandon the mobile phone market. This decision gave them a better understanding of the company’s vision and emphasized a ‘strategic retreat’, which is to clearly choose what to abandon. He believes that this is the core key to success. Nvidia then turned to robotic applications and found success. At present, NVIDIA’s revenue in the field of automation and robotic computing has reached billions of dollars.

AI brings great opportunities and challenges

For AI, Jensen Huang emphasized the great opportunities and challenges it brings. He noted that AI is transforming industries such as healthcare, financial services, transportation, and manufacturing. AI creates new opportunities that didn’t exist before, such as data engineers, AI factory operators, AI security engineers, and more. He believes AI will improve performance across a wide range of industries, including engineers, designers, artists, and businesses. However, he also mentioned some concerns that AI could take jobs. Therefore, he called on every company and everyone to learn to make good use of AI and seize the opportunities brought by AI.

The beginning of the AI era and the opportunities for Taiwanese manufacturers

He believes that AI will fundamentally reshape the computer industry and bring a golden opportunity for Taiwanese manufacturers. He conveyed an important message to the graduates: the world is entering the era of AI, and there will inevitably be mistakes and pains in life, but they should believe in their dreams, firmly follow in their footsteps, and continue to work hard. Because the world will not stop waiting for them.

Jensen Wong also encouraged graduates to fight for food or avoid running for food. (Either you’re running for food or you’re running from being food.)」

This sharing hopes that those present can seize the opportunities brought by AI, firmly pursue their dreams, and believe that aspirants can succeed in this era full of challenges and opportunities.