Microsoft Outlook faces hacker threats! Tens of thousands of users affected!

On Monday,, the world’s leading email service provider, went down, preventing millions of users from using the service. According to official statements, the malfunction was caused by a Sudanese hack. This article explores the reasons behind failures, their possible impact, and how we should protect our personal data. malfunction, hacked

Recently, Microsoft’s Outlook service caused a malfunction to thousands of American users after facing a hacking attack. The incident was allegedly initiated by the pro-Russian hacking group Anonymous Sudan, who published the alleged results of the attack on their encrypted Telegram channel. According to the Downdetector monitoring station, about 15,000 users were affected by the service outage.

Hackers attack because they are dissatisfied with the US interference in the affairs of the Sudan?!

Hacking group Anonymous SudanIt has repeatedly carried out distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against multiple targets, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the shady Mossad. They often target SAS airlines and demand ransom fees. In addition, they have cooperated with other hacking groups to target NATO.

On their Telegram channel, hacking group Anonymous Sudan specifically mentioned: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, suggesting that the attack may be related to Blinken’s visit to Saudi Arabia and the imposition of economic sanctions on Sudan. The hacking group has also recently targeted other targets, including ride-sharing company Lyft and several regional hospitals.

Microsoft’s response and improvements

Microsoft said on Twitter that it apologized for the possible inconvenience and said it was working to resolve the issue. Outlook is the third most popular email client in the world with about 400 million active users. Faced with the failure event of, Microsoft immediately took action to repair the system and restore service. At the same time, they have also strengthened security measures for the system to prevent similar attacks from happening again. Microsoft underscores their commitment to the security of users’ personal data and will continue to work to improve their cybersecurity measures.

In short, failures remind us that cybersecurity is a topic that cannot be ignored. We should remain vigilant and take necessary measures to protect our personal data.