Microsoft strengthens its Bing Chat AI chatbot, enhancing chart search and Edge writing features.

Microsoft announced on May 3rd that its AI chatbot, Bing Chat, has officially entered public preview and introduced several new features, including chart search and Edge writing. Microsoft also teased upcoming features such as multimodal search and automatic restaurant booking. Bing Chat, as Microsoft’s chatbot, aims to assist users in searching for answers, making decisions, and handling various tasks.

In the public preview version, Bing Chat added the feature of chart search, allowing users to search for relevant chart information through keywords and view them directly in the chat window. Additionally, Bing Chat has enhanced the Edge writing feature, making it more convenient for users to write emails or other documents.

Microsoft also announced the upcoming launch of the multimodal search feature, enabling users to search for different forms of information, such as images, videos, and music, simultaneously through Bing Chat. Furthermore, Bing Chat teased the upcoming automatic restaurant booking feature, allowing users to quickly make restaurant reservations through the chatbot. Third-party plugins will also be supported in the future, providing a richer range of application scenarios.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s AI chatbot, Bing Chat, has added several practical features in its public preview version, offering users a more convenient way to search and handle various tasks. Microsoft has also teased more exciting features to be launched in the future.