“Intelligent AI onboarding, Apple’s iOS 17 surprise debut!”

At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced their latest iOS 17 operating system.

Added calendar Journal APP function

iOS 17 adds the “Journal” calendar app: so that fruit fans can record their lives through diaries. The Journal App uses machine learning built into the mobile phone to provide writing suggestions from the user’s contact records, photos, location locations, frequently listened to music and programs, etc., making it easier for users to record diaries.

iOS 17 also offers enhancements from other smart assistants, new photo editing tools, optimized music and video players, and more. These new features will bring users a richer and more diverse experience.

Functional interface improvements and privacy enhancements

In the future, you don’t need to say “Hey Siri” to start the voice assistant service, and the ios17 version only needs to say “Siri” to start the function.

In addition, Apple has always attached great importance to the privacy and security of users, and iOS 17 has further strengthened these aspects. The new operating system will provide more privacy options and controls, allowing users to better protect personal information. In addition, new security features and encryption will make iOS 17 one of the most secure operating systems.

To sum up

In addition to the major features and improvements mentioned above, iOS 17 includes a series of other updates, such as better battery management, changed call notification display, and better interoperability and connectivity. It is believed that these updates and improvements will make iOS 17 a more powerful and convenient operating system.