Fortinet reveals the attacks carried out by Iranian hacker APT34 in 2022

Recently, Fortinet, a US cybersecurity company, published a report revealing multiple cyberattacks against the UAE government by an Iranian hacking group called APT34. These attacks span government organizations, cyber infrastructure, aviation and the oil industry.

Fortinet’s report states that the APT34 hacking group has had multiple cyberattacks against the UAE government and targeted a wide range of targets. These attacks span government organizations, cyber infrastructure, aviation and the oil industry. These attacks have had an impact not only on the local political and economic impact, but also on the stability of the entire Middle East region.

The APT34 hacking group has extremely diverse attack methods. Fortinet’s report mentioned that APT34 used spyware, website spoofing, social engineering and other methods to carry out attacks. Among them, phishing emails and malware are one of the most commonly used attack methods of APT34. These attack methods not only steal confidential information, but also lurk in the target system for many years, controlling the attacked system for a long time.

The APT34 hacking group is considered one of the hacking groups supported by the Iranian government. In recent years, APT34 has repeatedly attacked important targets such as government agencies, military forces, and energy facilities in the Middle East. These attacks are not just about stealing sensitive information, but also about surveillance, sabotage, and interference in the target country. Such actions not only affect the stability of the Middle East region, but also pose a threat to global cybersecurity.

Fortinet’s report once again highlights the seriousness of today’s global cybersecurity landscape. In the face of hacker groups such as APT34 with strong cyber attack capabilities, we must not only improve our network protection skills, but also strengthen international cooperation to jointly defend against such cyber threats. Only through the joint efforts of countries around the world can we protect our digital world, maintain global cybersecurity, and safeguard national security and personal privacy.