“Do Not Use These Passwords!” – NordPass Reveals Taiwan and Global Most Common Passwords.

Yesterday, May 4th, marked the annual World Password Day, serving as a reminder for people to pay attention to the security of their website passwords. Password management company NordPass recently disclosed the most common passwords in Taiwan and globally. Surprisingly, most of these passwords are incredibly simple and can be cracked by hackers in just one second. Among them, Taiwan’s most common password is “vip,” followed by “123456,” “1234,” “000000,” and others. These weak passwords pose a significant threat to the security of personal and corporate data. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals and businesses to enhance password management practices and protect their passwords effectively.

NordPass has revealed the top 10 most common passwords globally, including “password,” “123456,” “123456789,” “guest,” and “qwerty,” among others. These passwords are incredibly simple and essentially open doors for hackers, making it possible for them to access private information. This is one of the main reasons why cybercrime is becoming increasingly rampant. Therefore, it is crucial for us to take measures to protect our accounts and personal data. Here are some recommendations, including using a password manager, choosing complex and unique passwords, regularly changing passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and more. These steps can significantly enhance our online security and reduce the risk of falling victim to cyberattacks.

In general, passwords are the first line of defense for protecting personal data security, and we need to pay more attention to the security of passwords. World Password Day reminds us that choosing secure and complex passwords is crucial. Additionally, we should regularly update passwords and avoid using the same password for different websites. By following these simple steps, we can better protect our digital assets and personal information.