Axiado introduces TCU solutions to protect network security.

Axiado Corporation announced the AX3000 and AX2000 Trusted Control/Computing Unit (TCU), the world’s first AI-driven hardware security platform solution designed to protect servers and infrastructure components on cloud data centers, 5G networks, and other network switches from security threats and ransomware attacks. Samples of the AX3000/AX2000 are available now.

Cybercrime costs more than $10 trillion a year

Cybercrime costs $10.5 trillion annually and ransomware attacks will be launched every 11 seconds and successful every 40 seconds in 2022. This drove Axiado to develop TCU solutions to address the growing threat of cybersecurity.

Axiado TCU safety function integration

The Axiado TCU integrates all security functions at the bottom of the hardware stack as the last line of defense for the system, providing protection even if other network functions are attacked. TCU detects and blocks attacks and isolates the system from the network so that the system can recover from the attack.

New network security processors: Axiado AX3000/AX2000

The Axiado AX3000/AX2000 TCU is a new network security processor that integrates silicon, AI technology, data collection functions, and software in a small, low-power system-on-chip (SoC) to provide AI capabilities designed for security. Built on real-time, proactive AI technology that proactively detects threats and provides comprehensive protection, the solution features hardware-assisted processors that enable manufacturers to build secure, reliable, and resilient solutions on demand. Through hardware-based AI-driven security capabilities, the solution strengthens the existing Zero Trust security model.

TCU platform features

This TCU platform offers unprecedented capabilities, including the ability to detect ransomware attacks. It is housed in a BGA package with a 23 x 23 array and consumes only 5 watts of power. The platform provides a distributed hardware security manager and tamper-proof hardware, as well as a control/management layer of the SmartNIC network interface controller to support platform and tenant virtualization. It also protects encryption keys from side-channel attacks such as differential power analysis, voltage faults, and clock manipulation.


Gopi Sirineni, President and CEO of Axiado, said, “This is an important step toward our vision of providing complete and AI-driven platform security in a SoC.” He noted that their TCU is a disruptive innovation that offers a lower cost of ownership than any alternative on the market. They look forward to working with manufacturers, cloud service providers, and the entire security ecosystem to make the world’s digital infrastructure more secure and reliable.