Apple will launch the “Diary App”! Ignite the competition!

Apple is preparing to launch a diary app, which can not only allow users to record daily bits, relieve stress, establish regular training or life, but also give users diary suggestions by tracking iPhone activities, and even have a way to identify friends and colleagues who are in frequent contact.

Apple Diary App features

  1. Physical and mental health concerns: Apple has been making a fuss in the field of physical and mental health, such as launching blood oxygen function and studying blood glucose testing. The diary app serves the same purpose, improving physical and mental health, allowing users to record their daily lives and provide advice accordingly.
  2. Behavioral Analysis: This diary app can track users’ daily lives, analyze behavior and determine what are “ordinary days” and “special events” to help users write.
  3. People tracking: The app is expected to offer “All Day People Discovery,” which can detect a user’s distance from others and target a goal to distinguish between colleagues and other friends. Such a feature can help users record rare encounters.

Apple’s ‘Diary App’, privacy protection worry?

According to reports, this data will only be processed on the device, and the diary recommendations will be deleted after 4 weeks of retention, so there is no need to worry about personal privacy being leaked to Apple. However, the app’s exposure immediately sparked a competitive controversy. The founder of the Day One diary app says it’s definitely going to give us some competition. After Apple’s plan to develop its own diary app, Day One also worries that its service may be left out in the cold.

The diary app is expected to be available to all iPhone users on iOS 17, and the exact release date may be announced at the WWDC developer conference in June.