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  • What is Data Recovery?

    Data recovery is the process of retrieving data that is inaccessible due to logical or physical failures from malfunctioning electronic storage devices and restoring it.

    Data recovery companies possess specialized expertise and equipment to offer a wide range of services, from recovering common files to highly complex enterprise databases. As data recovery services typically require specific knowledge and skills, it is not advisable for ordinary users to attempt data recovery without professional guidance to avoid further data damage.

  • What is a Logical Failure?

    A logical failure in a hard drive refers to issues with the software or logical components of the drive, causing an inability to access data properly.

    Common examples of logical failures include:

    1. Accidental data deletion
    2. Incorrect formatting
    3. Lost partitions
    4. File corruption
    5. Improper operations
    6. Virus infections

    If your electronic storage device experiences a logical failure, it is advisable to immediately stop using it and seek professional data recovery services as soon as possible.

  • What is a Physical Failure?

    A physical failure refers to issues or damage in the hardware components of a device, resulting in the hardware's inability to function properly or read data.

    Common examples of physical failures include:

    1. Hard drive not spinning or unable to start up
    2. Unusual noises coming from the device
    3. Head crash or damage
    4. Damaged circuit board
    5. Surface damage to the disk platters
    6. Malfunctioning fan

    Compared to logical failures, physical failures typically require hardware repair or replacement. This necessitates specialized hardware repair techniques and equipment, thus seeking professional services is essential.

    If your electronic storage device experiences a physical failure, it is advisable to immediately stop using it and seek professional hardware repair or data recovery services to ensure the safety of your data.

  • What is the success rate of data rescue?

    The success rate of data recovery depends on several factors. These include the severity of the failure, the complexity of the hardware and software involved, the type of electronic storage device, the type of operating system and file system, and the expertise and equipment used for data recovery. As a result, the success rate of data recovery can vary in different situations.

    In some cases, the success rate of data recovery can reach 100%, such as in simple issues like accidental file deletion or damaged partition tables. However, for more complex situations, such as hard drive failures, damaged read/write heads, physical damage, etc., the success rate of data recovery might be lower, and in some cases, data may be unrecoverable.

    Furthermore, during the data recovery process, if users continue to operate the storage device, such as restarting the computer, formatting the drive, or installing software, this could further damage the drive and render data irrecoverable. Therefore, seeking professional data recovery services promptly is crucial.

  • Leaving the faulty hard drive untreated, will the failure worsen?

    In general, leaving a faulty hard drive unattended will not make the failure worse. However, if the hard drive is exposed to a humid and dusty environment after the failure, it may further damage the drive. In such cases, there could be multiple reasons for the drive's deterioration.

    If you need to recover crucial data lost from the hard drive, it is recommended to seek professional data recovery services. Professional data recovery companies have the expertise and equipment to handle the hard drive properly and recover its data to the maximum extent possible. Additionally, they can provide guidance and advice on how to handle the faulty hard drive appropriately.

  • Will waiting for the rescue technology to become more mature increase the chances of successful data recovery for the faulty device?

    Although data recovery technology is continuously evolving and improving, waiting for the faulty device to be rescued until the technology matures will not make data recovery any easier or more successful.

    In fact, the longer the faulty device remains untreated, the more challenging data recovery may become. The level of damage could worsen, and the data stored on the device may further deteriorate or become lost.

    Furthermore, in the case of physical failures, leaving the device untreated for an extended period may result in missing or damaged components, reducing the chances of successful recovery.

    RCS Cybersecurity Center provides free diagnostic services. If your electronic storage device experiences a failure, it is recommended to send it to RCS Cybersecurity Center for diagnosis. (Please note that there is a diagnostic fee of 1,000 NTD for second-level recovery, and we apologize for any inconvenience.)

  • Can I specify to recover only certain files to reduce the cost?

    In most cases, it is not possible to specify recovering only certain files or file types to reduce the cost. When a hard drive or electronic storage device fails, all files may be affected and become inaccessible. Therefore, engineers need to perform a comprehensive scan and repair of the entire hard drive or electronic storage device.

  • If the intention is only to copy data without repairing the hard drive, does it have to be so expensive?.

    Even if the hard drive is not physically damaged, copying data from a damaged hard drive requires professional data recovery techniques and equipment. Therefore, the cost for such data recovery services is typically applicable, even if no hard drive repair is needed.

  • Can you guarantee that all data can be 100% recovered?

    Data recovery operations are highly complex and require advanced technical expertise. Recovering data from damaged electronic storage devices demands specialized knowledge, skills, and the use of professional tools and equipment. If a hard drive is detected with a large number of bad sectors or physical scratches, and important data happens to be located on those damaged areas, it could lead to data corruption or permanent loss. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee that data from a hard drive can be 100% recovered or ensure the completeness of the recovered data.

    RCS engineers will do their utmost to recover customer data, but in cases where the hard drive has severe scratches or damages to its surface or there is extensive data overwriting, it may not be possible to recover all data or only partial data may be retrieved. We appreciate the understanding of our customers in such situations.

  • If the phone is reset to factory settings, and the data is gone, is it possible to recover it?

    If your phone has been reset to factory settings, the data stored on it will be deleted and cannot be directly accessed. If you had regularly backed up the data on your phone, you can restore the data from the backup.

    If you did not back up the data on your phone, we recommend sending your phone to RCS Cybersecurity Center for diagnosis.

  • Can deleted emails in Outlook be recovered?

    In Outlook, deleted emails are usually moved to the "Deleted Items" folder. If you have permanently deleted the emails, they will no longer be visible in Outlook, but they may still exist on your computer's hard drive. Therefore, it is possible to recover deleted Outlook emails through data recovery methods.

    Some data recovery tools and devices can scan your hard drive to find deleted Outlook emails and recover them. However, the success rate depends on various factors such as the duration since deletion, the number of read/write operations on the hard drive, whether the space has been overwritten by new data, and more. Therefore, if you need to recover deleted Outlook emails, it is important to stop using the computer immediately and seek professional data recovery services to increase the chances of successful recovery.

  • 可以救回行車記錄器裡的影像資料嗎?


  • 可以救回微信或是Line裡已經刪除的對話內容嗎?


    1. 刪除的時間長短:已刪除的微信或Line對話內容可能已被覆蓋,如果時間太長,成功率就會降低。

    2. 使用的儲存設備:微信和Line對話內容通常存儲在手機的內部儲存器或記憶卡中,如果這些儲存設備有損壞或故障,恢復對話內容的成功率也會降低。


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