OT industrial control device

Product Features

The iNA-140A is an OT cybersecurity protection device specifically designed for the industrial control field. It is capable of detecting incoming packets and traffic, isolating potentially hazardous attack behaviors, and safeguarding vulnerable machine devices with cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

The iNA-140A offers a quick and straightforward setup process with the ability to handle large-scale installations. It comes with a user-friendly cloud platform for easy management, allowing you to efficiently configure and monitor the devices remotely. The device also features real-time alert notifications, enabling you to receive warnings directly through the mobile app or Line messaging service. Additionally, the integration of USB and wireless technology facilitates effortless backup and restoration of configuration files.

  • Swift and efficient mass installation and configuration
  • User-friendly cloud-based management platform
  • Wireless configuration file backup and restoration
  • Real-time alert notifications
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The iNA-140A provides comprehensive threat visibility, enabling the identification of hidden risks and monitoring high-risk activities, suspicious traffic, and advanced threats. Leveraging big data analytics, it effectively prevents unknown threats and automatically isolates infected systems, safeguarding the network from potential threats and their propagation.

  • Unveiling hidden risks
  • Protecting enterprise network security
  • Blocking unknown threats
  • Isolating infected systems
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The OPC intrusion defense mechanism, coupled with a high-performance detection engine, enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis of both IT and OT network packets. Through deep packet inspection and data comparison, it automatically updates intrusion signatures from the cloud, identifying and blocking thousands of intrusion methods, effectively safeguarding your network security.

  • High-performance proactive intrusion detection engine
  • Collection of network packets and signals
  • Periodic automatic updates of intrusion signatures
  • Ability to recognize over a thousand intrusion methods
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The War Room offers in-depth deployment into operational areas, achieving physical isolation of devices and sensors to effectively gather IoT device and network information. Through intelligent analysis and detection, we provide real-time and accurate presentation and protection of your cybersecurity status

  • Physical isolation of devices and sensors
  • Real-time and accurate presentation of cybersecurity status
  • Collection of IoT device and network information
  • Intelligent analysis and detection
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The Virtual Patch protection reduces system vulnerability risks, allowing access to the internal network only from specific authenticated sources. Additionally, employing VPN and establishing user identification mechanisms further mitigates the risk of malicious intrusions, safeguarding your network security.

  • Automatic generation of whitelists and blacklists
  • Implementation of user identification authentication
  • VPN deployment to mitigate the risk of malicious intrusions
  • Built-in Virtual Patch protection
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The traffic analysis system records all connection activities of PCs or other devices and provides detailed logs of service usage, including uploads, downloads, IP information, and communication ports. If any abnormal traffic is detected, the system immediately initiates blocking and isolation measures to ensure your network security.

  • Recording of all internal device connections
  • Logging of all utilized services
  • Traffic analysis to identify anomalies
  • Blocking and isolating abnormal devices
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Product Features

The design of iNA-140A allows for easy installation, simplified management, and maintenance for our customers. Equipped with efficient OPC intrusion defense and Virtual Patch protection, it strengthens our customers' network security and enhances visibility against threats. With regular database updates and big data analytics, iNA-140A can intelligently identify and counter cybersecurity risks from various services and devices.

  • Simple Installation, Management, and Maintenance
  • OPC Intrusion Defense Mechanism
  • Enhanced Threat Visibility
  • Analysis of IT and OT Network Packets
  • Identity Identification Mechanism
  • Virtual Patch Protection
  • Regular Database Updates
  • Big Data Analytics

iNA-140A Applicable Industries

iNA-140A is an OT protection device designed for various industrial sectors, including automation factories, manufacturing industries, oil & gas industries, and state-owned entities such as telecommunications, water plants, and power plants.

In these industrial domains, many critical devices cannot be updated or have antivirus software installed due to various reasons, making them potential security risks. To address this concern, we offer this device with packet and traffic detection capabilities, allowing isolation of potential attack behaviors and safeguarding these machines with existing security vulnerabilities.

Automation Factory

Utilizing automated devices or system controls to manage production equipment and processes within the manufacturing facility.

Energy Industry

Petroleum refining industry, natural gas industry, electricity industry, and cogeneration plants (combined heat and power plants).

State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)

Public schools, hospitals, financial, energy, water resources, and transportation-related enterprises.

Product Manufacturers

Manufacturer of everyday consumer goods, where raw materials or components go through machine equipment and production processes to create a range of daily consumer products.

Defense and Military Units

Military Agencies/Organizations and their Affiliated Businesses and Academic Units.

Other units.

Units with critical equipment but unable to install antivirus software or upgrade the operating system.