AtheNAC Athena Cybersecurity Management System

6 Key Features of the System

Support for complete NAC functionality,

prohibiting unauthorized devices from connecting to the network.

Through the use of 802.1X mechanism,

it is possible to regulate the network segment range for device usage.

Hybird NAC skill

With the most rigorous 802.1X protocol, combined with ARP Spoofing hybrid blocking technology,we ensure tighter and more reliable network security within the internal network.

New User-Optimized Operation Experience

Featuring dark mode, customizable reports, and customizable dashboards, allowing you to stay updated with real-time insights on your internal network anytime, anywhere.

Highly accurate IoT management

Integration with the world's largest IoT object database and object recognition engine, providing the most comprehensive and accurate IoT identification and control capabilities.

Convenient visitor authentication mechanism

Provides visitors with diverse registration and login options such as Web/Line/FB, and allows pre-checking of visitor devices according to specified criteria. Offers flexible visitor time slots and tracking capabilities.

Stringent Isolation and Quarantine Policies

In addition to real-time compliance checks, we also implement innovative Quarantine and Isolation Zone functionality through dynamic VLAN, effectively blocking threats from entering the network.

Comprehensive Audit Logging

Diverse Customizable Reporting and Logging: Capture and record all activities, including compliance status, on all endpoint devices, ensuring full compliance with cybersecurity regulations.

  • What is 802.1X?

    802.1X is an authentication mechanism that allows for authentication of devices or individuals without the need for an IP address. It also provides the functionality of dynamic VLAN, allowing automatic assignment to the corresponding VLAN based on the user's identity.

  • Is it difficult for enterprises to implement 802.1X?

    In general, enterprises may face the following challenges when implementing 802.1X:

    1. Lack of IPAM functionality
    2. Inability to automatically create MAC lists
    3. Manual importing of RADIUS, DHCP, and AD, leading to high maintenance complexity
    4. Limited to network authentication only
    5. Lack of Pre-Check functionality
  • Is it also difficult to implement 802.1X with AtheNAC?

    No, it is not difficult to implement 802.1X with AtheNAC. AtheNAC comes with built-in RADIUS and DHCP, eliminating the need for separate installations. It also includes IPAM functionality, allowing for comprehensive scanning and synchronization of MAC lists. Additionally, it supports ARP Spoofing (Hybrid NAC), simplifying the implementation process and providing a user-friendly experience.


AtheNAC: Comprehensive Management Features

  • Regulatory Compliance Management
  • IP/MAC Policy
  • IP Conflict
  • Unknown IP Allocation Source
  • Blocklist
  • Audit logging
  • Device Control and Management
  • IoT Device Management
  • Broadcast Storm
  • Customizable reporting feature
  • Block notifications
  • Visitor Management
Online consultation

Customized Reports

With data sources in MS-SQL format, our system allows you to generate reports that transform the data into various easy-to-read formats such as bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs. You can also export, subscribe to, and schedule regular deliveries of these reports.

  • Dual Stack Non-compliance
  • Report on Unknown DHCP Servers
  • Critical IP Offline
  • Deployment Rate
  • Idle Switch Port
  • Unused IPv6 Host
  • Violation of Fixed IP Block
  • After-Hours Not Shutdown Report
  • Non-Compliant Blocking
  • Anomaly Event
  • AD Login
  • System Event
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Service performance

Athena’s cybersecurity management system covers a wide range of industries.
In addition to dozens of central ministries and local government units in Taiwan, there are also food industry and electronics industry leaders.
Leading law firms, major manufacturers in the Japanese automobile and electrical industries, medical institutions at all levels, etc.

In addition to providing local services in Taiwan,
It also provides professional information security services from the Malaysian government office and Thailand’s highest financial unit.