Cybereyes Web Threat Hunting Solution

image Reducing Manpower and Equipment Costs

Threat Alerts Visualization

Developed by cybersecurity experts and research teams, meeting various business requirements such as compliance with cybersecurity standards, providing real-time visualization of the security status.

image Real-Time Detection of Network Threats

✓ Highlighting Web Access Entry Risks

External access services have become the prime target for hackers, exposing the potential risks of SQL Injection, DDoS, and XSS attacks that severely jeopardize the corporate image and lead to financial losses.

image Protecting Personal and Sensitive Data

✓Every Step Leaves a Trace

Centralize  massive amounts of data, including logs, and focus on analyzing external access entry threats. Regularly generate automated reports to address the growing risks associated with the handling of personal and sensitive data.


Comprehensive Protection with Cyber Eyes

  • Real-Time Updates on Web Threat Events
  • Inventory of Asset Device Status
  • Comprehensive Security Incident Log Trail
  • Detecting Corporate Data Leaks
  • Critical Servers Executing Malicious Commands Alert
  • Validating Security Device Investments

Technical advantages

Product Features and Characteristics

Real-time Event Intelligence Dashboard

Reduced manpower and equipment costs, meeting various business requirements including cybersecurity compliance. Developed by cybersecurity experts and research teams, it provides real-time visualization of the cybersecurity status, displaying threat alerts.

  • Real-time presentation of inter & external cybersecurity status
  • Monitoring of server endpoint connections
  • Statistics on system log traffic
  • Generation of compliance reports

Strengthening event correlations with red team thinking

Enhancing analysis of web service attack incidents by combining a cybersecurity research team with red teaming methodologies. Rapidly identify the current status of external web service access.

  • Correlating web threat logs for better insights
  • Conducting rapid investigations and analysis
  • Tailoring queries for efficient event tracking
  • Optimizing rule-based alerts with the expertise of white-hat hackers

Raw Log Analysis - Querying Complete Trajectory

Threat Intelligence Hunting for Key Events and CyberMind Visualizing Event Relationships, reducing investigation time

  • Recording complete system operation commands
  • Presenting the full trajectory of external-to-internal attacks
  • User-friendly search and filtering mechanisms
  • Customizable threat intelligence event modules

Real-time Alert Notifications - Content List:

Users can customize cyberAlert attack alert rules. Real-time push notifications to communication software help detect alerts and potential risks early

  • Real-time notifications via communication software or email
  • Risk severity: Critical/High/Medium/Low
  • Proactively identify abnormal behavior
  • Configure notifications for monitoring anomalies

Integrated log storage and centralized management

Support for receiving logs from various sources, including applications, networks, servers, etc., to monitor enterprise cybersecurity event activities and assist IT personnel in reducing the time and cost spent on identifying the root cause of anomalies, enabling intelligent IT management processes

  • Integrated log collection software package
  • Collection and normalization of raw logs
  • Centralized management of large volumes of log data
  • Enabling intelligent IT management processes

Proactive Monitoring of System Security Status

External access services have become prime targets for hackers, posing risks such as SQL injection, DDoS, and XSS attacks, which can severely impact a company's reputation and result in financial losses

  • Monitoring and controlling internal access permissions
  • Detection of parameter syntax errors in executions
  • Logging network device and server status
  • Logging access records for sensitive data URIs
  • Identification of common hacking techniques
  • Real-time highlighting of web access entry risks