TSMC was extorted for 70 million!? The truth is that hackers made mistakes!

Ransomware group LockBit locks Taiwan’s foundry leader TSMC

The ransomware incident was a message from the LockBit ransomware group on Friday (June 30), which threatened to lock the wafer foundry leader TSMC, steal TSMC data and extort $70 million. In this regard, TSMC said that its supplier Qinghao Technology was hacked.

TSMC supplier ‘Qinghao Technology’ explained this information security incident

According to the information security incident announced by Qinghao Technology, the company discovered that a specific test environment inside was attacked by an external group on the morning of June 29, 2023, and some data was stolen. The company immediately informed the customer of the incident and apologized on the same day, and also invited a third-party information security team to assist in damage control.

Qinghao Technology explained that the attack occurred in the engineering test area, which is the system installation environment prepared for customers. The data stolen by the attacker is parameter information such as installation configuration files. The use of the company name of a specific customer has attracted the attention of hacking groups, who try to obtain confidential information about their customers in this way.

Qinghao Technology emphasizes that the stolen information has nothing to do with the actual application of the customer, and is only the basic setting at the time of shipment. No damage has been done to customers at the moment, and no customers have been hacked.

The company has cordoned off the infected area, and the third-party security team assessed that other segments of the network were not compromised. At the same time, they continue to assist in clarifying the possible risk footprint and reviewing improvements and enhancement of information security measures. Qinghao Technology emphasized that the company’s operating conditions are normal and there is no substantial loss. At present, the case has been opened and entered the stage of criminal investigation.

Assistance available in the event of a security breach

In addition, the Digital Development Department reminds operators that if they find a personal information breach or information security incident and need assistance, they can report to the Taiwan Computer Network Crisis Management and Coordination Center (TWCERT/CC) to obtain support and assistance in handling the information security incident.


Reference source: Qinghao Technology Co., Ltd