RCS’s Cleanroom

RCS's Cleanroom

In accordance with globally recognized cleanroom standards

Report on the inspection of our cleanroom

RCS cyber security team’s founder possesses expertise in cyber security, holding a master’s degree in Cyber Security from EC-Council, a renowned American university known for its focus on digital forensics. Our team members also hold international certifications, including CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), and have successfully completed training in the ISO-27001 cyber security management system. With a strong commitment to ongoing learning and keeping up with emerging technologies, we consistently strives to enhance our skills and knowledge. Our dedication ensures that customers receive top-notch professional services.

RCS headquarters is situated in Hsinchu Science Park and adheres to international standards, such as ISO and US Federal Standards, for meticulously designing the cleanroom facilities. To ensure the establishment of a clean room equivalent to the high standards of Hsinchu Science Park, Chuangjie Composite Cause Co., Ltd. has been engaged for its setup. Additionally, the cleanroom undergoes rigorous testing in accordance with the US federal FS-209E clean room standard by ML Co., Ltd., a trusted laboratory.

We have established a Class 100 dust-free data rescue space to effectively meet our customers’ demands for data recovery services.
At the RCS Hsinchu official store, we offer a unique service for our special VIP customers – on-site equipment inspection. As part of this service, we have PC3000 Portable maintenance tools available. If your company faces challenges in bringing the equipment to our factory due to machine or information security concerns, we have designated VIP appointments exclusively for RCS manufacturers. Feel free to reach out to RCS customer service for a complimentary consultation.
RCS extends exclusive discounts to contracted vendors, schools, teacher, and police agencies as part of our commitment to supporting these institutions. For more details on these discounts, we encourage you to consult with our on-site personnel.

Should you encounter any concerns related to data recovery or information security, we invite you to seek guidance from our RCS customer service team without any charge.