Professional Information Security Certifications

  • OSCP
  • CEH V11
  • CHFI V10
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • CDFP

Strengthening Security Defense: Exploring the Attacker's Perspective through Red Team Exercises

Red Team Exercises, Penetration Testing, and Digital Forensics Services RCS not only boasts a professional and experienced information security team but also has extensive expertise and knowledge in Red Team Exercises, Penetration Testing, and Digital Forensics Services. We offer comprehensive information security solutions to safeguard your enterprise.

Red Team Exercises

Red team exercises are a comprehensive security training method designed to evaluate an organization’s defense capabilities from the perspective of an attacker. RCS’s team of red team experts simulate various possible attack scenarios and attempt to bypass or breach your existing security measures, allowing us to conduct a thorough assessment of your security measures.

RCS’s red team exercises involve the following main steps:
  • Preparation and planning:In this stage, we gather information about your business, infrastructure, systems, and information flows to develop an appropriate attack plan.
  • Attack simulation: During this stage, our experts perform various simulated attacks, which may include social engineering, phishing attacks, web application attacks, internal and external penetration testing, and more.
  • Exercise Evaluation and Reporting: After the exercise, we conduct a detailed analysis to identify any vulnerabilities that were exploited and assess the associated risks. We provide a comprehensive exercise report that includes details of the attacks, their outcomes, and corresponding recommendations for improvement.

Penetration testing services

Penetration testing is a proactive security assessment method that involves simulating hacker attack techniques to identify vulnerabilities in systems or applications.

RCS’s penetration testing service includes the following main steps:
  • Pre-preparation and planning: During this phase, we discuss the goals, scope, and desired results of the penetration test with the client.
  • Intelligence gathering and target analysis: We collect relevant publicly available intelligence and conduct target analysis to understand the architecture and characteristics of the target system or application.
  • Attack simulation: At this stage, our experts conduct various attack simulations, which may include exploits, identity spoofing, system misuse, etc.
  • Walkthrough Assessment and Report: When the penetration test is completed, we will provide a clear and detailed test report with all the attack details, results, and corresponding improvement recommendations.

Digital Forensic Services

RCS’s digital forensics services are designed to ensure that digital evidence is effectively collected, analyzed and retained after an information incident, so that your business can quickly resume business and identify the cause of a security incident.

RCS’s digital identification service consists of the following main steps:
  • Evidence gathering: Our experts collect evidence immediately after an accident to ensure that important digital evidence is not lost.
  • Evidence analysis: We will use professional digital identification tools and techniques to conduct in-depth analysis of the collected evidence to find out the cause and impact of the accident.
  • Forensics Report: We will provide a detailed forensics report with all the details of the evidence, the results of the analysis and the corresponding suggestions for improvement.

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For eligible businesses, RCS provides a free initial diagnosis service, and our experts will conduct preliminary safety tests for your business and make corresponding improvement recommendations.
Through our professional services, we can help your business achieve the best information security protection