Google Introduces Passwordless Security Key Login Feature

Google recently announced its plans to expand support for Passkey, allowing users to log in to Google Workspace and Google Cloud accounts without using passwords. The company emphasizes that it has become the first major public cloud provider to support passwordless authentication. According to Google’s initial implementation results, using Passkey for login is twice as fast as using passwords and reduces the error rate by four times.

Over the past year, Google has been a significant advocate for the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) initiative, promoting passwordless online identity verification. The company declared its commitment to expanding support for this technology to accelerate the era of passwordless authentication. In May of this year, Google first allowed users to use Passkey as an additional option for logging into Google accounts. Now, Google is extending this passwordless login method to enterprise users, enabling them to securely log in to Workspace and the cloud using Passkey.

Passkey offers a new passwordless login method, allowing users to use fingerprint, facial recognition, or screen unlock on various devices to log in to websites and applications. As an industry standard, most mainstream operating systems and web browsers already support Passkey. Workspace administrators will receive notifications in the coming weeks to enable the Passkey feature. Once the Passkey feature is enabled, members of the organization can choose to log in without passwords using Passkey. For organizations that have not yet enabled this feature, their users can still opt to set up Passkey as part of two-factor authentication. Note: The term “Passkey” is a hypothetical name used in the translation for the passwordless login feature, as the original text did not provide a specific term.